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You’ve inspired me to start in creatine again—the best coach I ever had recommended it too as the only supplement worth taking. I have a bunch of it, stopped taking it, and will start again tomorrow!

And—yes—burgers! Totally agree! Yours look amazing . . . it was almost cruel to post those photos

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Love it! I am a burger hound, myself (I keep a nerdy spreadsheet to review every burger I have in the twin cities).

And I am with you on creatine. Have gone on and off over the years, but my latest research (and self-experimentation) has me thinking creatine might be the best supplement I can take.

Here's a fun article on creatine for its anti-aging properties. It's pretty crazy.


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Just for the fun of it the best burger recipe ever...


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Your burger game 🔥

What's your homemade ranch recipe?

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I've never understood the knock on burgers either. Good quality protein and fun to eat.

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