"If you work out regularly in middle age, strongly consider it. If you don’t work out regularly in middle age, please consider starting." 💎 Doesn't the yogurt end up tasting super chalky with all this powder you add? 👀 You did make me wonder whether I shouldn't switch milk with Greek yogurt for my overnight oats for more protein though! I usually like adding bananas or unsweetened coconut flakes for taste :-)

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Hey Matt, sounds like a powerhouse way to start the day--no wonder you're so ripped!

Not to be a protein shill but I'm really happy with Bodyhealth's amino acids: https://bodyhealth.com/products/perfectaminoxp-drink-powder

It hits the body in about 20 - 30 minutes (an hour faster than whey protein) and has almost no calories, much less carbs.

My summer pre-swinging drink has been watermelon juice (cut up watermelon Vitamixed without mercy), Perfect Amino from Bodyhealth, pomegranate juice and green tea, and two raw eggs, poured over lots of ice. Yum!

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