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We have fun exploring the joy of music—looking at popular music from the past and from today, and exploring the ways we consume it.

I aim for a middle pocket between those mindless nostalgia accounts on X and writers who believe music is a status game. It’s fine if you enjoy an indie band you discovered in a remote club in Guatemala, played on vinyl through a $8,000 sound system. But Huey Lewis and the News on CD is cool, also.

My musical tastes were forged by MTV. I’m fine with it. The Beatles are great, as is Bruce Springsteen and the Four Tops and Coldplay and Def Leppard. Noah Kahn and Harry Styles are interesting, also.

As for listening technology, Apple AirPods Pro and Sonos sound pretty darn good and are very convenient. I collect CDs, too.

Music is fun. Let’s enjoy it. That’s the idea.

And we cover some midlife fitness principles, also. After all, it’s hard to enjoy the music if we’re six feet underground.

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— Harry Dry, Marketing Examples Newsletter

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—Justin Mikolay, Investor/Sr. Writer at Gumroad, former speechwriter for Generals Mattis and Petraeus

“The newsletter in my inbox every week is like grabbing a drink with an old friend. I learn something new, I feel like I get to know Matt a little better, and I finish reading feeling hugged and high-fived.”

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— Glen Fish, CEO, Revere Plastics Systems, LLC

What to expect

Each week I share ideas I find funny, helpful, and or surprising. I also link to my own essays. Here are a few samples:

Jerry vs. James: avoid these writing mistakes and persuade like a pro

The verdict is in: jogging is out

The four things I’d do if I were starting a fitness regimen today

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